About Singer Guide

I’ve been a professional singer for 25 years. From my first gig at Disney World during the sweltering summer heat of 1992 during my college days at the University of Miami, I knew I was hooked. My first job out of college was touring in an a cappella group based in Chicago called Blind Man’s Bluff. We played all the clubs and colleges on the Midwest and East Coast circuit and while the road was fun and the best adventure I could imagine at that age, it was also exhausting. I felt like I needed a home base to be creative and possibly have a sense of stability. So it was off to Los Angeles where I hooked up with another a cappella group called Sixth Wave. They were all session singers and introduced me to that wonderful world of singing on films, tv shows, albums, video games, and live events. It was through that career shift that I was also introduced to a community of freelance singers that have become my extended family...a community who day in and day out show me what talent and professionalism looks like. It’s those several hundred singers as well as the worldwide community of singers I’ve had the good fortune to work with or get to watch in awe from afar that I dedicate Singer Guide. They say that if you practice something for 10,000 hours you become a master. I’ve put at least 10 times that amount of time into this craft and I consider myself an infant. It takes a collective mind to bring all of the necessary information, advice, tips, exercises, new developments and understandings of the elusive voice to light. That’s why I believe Singer Guide can be a hub or centralized location for our worldwide community to share and learn. If you have something to teach, then Singer Guide is the place for you. And if you are eager to learn more about the human voice, then Singer Guide is definitely the place for you. So explore, say hi, share your knowledge, and help make our community stronger.

Eric Bradley