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Become a Guest Contributor

We would love to have you be a contributor to the growing amount of vocal and singing information we have available on our site and across all of our social media channels. Before beginning, we ask that you contact us first to make sure your idea will be appropriate for our community. Please include a little background so we can get to know you better. This brief prescreening will better your chances of it being accepted onto our network. At that point we'll advise you on the best way to submit or upload your materials.

Some Ideas for Posts

  1. Video a lesson showing tips and exercises. This is great for our Youtube channel as well as all of our social media channels and topic pages which contain videos. A blog post containing a video could also be very effective.

  2. Write a blog post about a topic you are passionate about pertaining to the voice or vocal instruction. A good place to start with your first article is to pick your main philosophy or technique. What sets you apart? What is unique to you? What is it that you want to be remembered for? It is to your benefit as well as the Singer Guide community to write a substantial post as far as number of words. There are no minimums, but really dive into your topic.

  3. Dust off those theses and dissertations. As long as they haven’t been published on the internet, they could prove for interesting articles.


  1. We will link to your website, social media, or even school or institution identifying you as a leader in your field of the education of singers.

  2. We will include a short bio and photo at the end of the article telling who you are. If you contribute more than one article or video, we will create a bio page for you where we can learn a little more about you. We’ll work with you on all bios. All of your contributions will be linked from your main bio page as well as another link to your website, social media, or school. A maximum of two links each are allowed at this time on both the short bio and longer bio page.

  3. You will reach a growing number of singers worldwide who regularly visit our website and social media channels to get the latest information and tips. Prospective students from all over the world can become potential students in your program.

The Rules for Publication:

  1. Your contribution has to be genuinely useful to our visitors. Acceptance doesn’t guarantee exposure on all of our social media channels and website. We’ll put it where it’s most appropriate based on the topic it fits into and the medium it’s most appropriate for.

  2. It must be original content that you’ve created specifically for Singer Guide.

  3. Any image or video must be original content and have the consent of all involved.

  4. No affiliate links within post content will be accepted.

  5. It should not include any offensive content, such as hate speech, obscenity or defamation.

  6. We reserve the right to reject any contribution at our sole discretion.

  7. We reserve the right to edit your contribution. This would be only to make it fit the format of our website or social media channels and for grammatical or spelling corrections. We may also experiment with different titles to see what works best. We’d run anything else by you. If video, we would add an intro identifying it as a Singer Guide production but of course give you full credit as the creator.

When Contributing, You Agree to These Legal Terms:

  1. You represent that you are the author of your contribution.

  2. We retain the ownership of your contribution. You, of course, will always be credited as the author. The strength of Singer Guide is that it's about the community and NOT about Singer Guide. Highlighting individual contributors as much as possible makes the community stronger.

  3. You represent that your contribution doesn’t violate the rights of any third parties.

  4. If your contribution includes names, photos, or other identifying information about other persons, you represent that you have their permission to include this information. If requested, you agree to provide a release from them (we will provide the release form).